Sonny Tuttle Spirit Award for Andrew Parent

Sunny tuttle Spirit Award for Andrew Parent

Our autumn lineup of Peacemaker Grills that were on display at the Western Design Conference (WDC) in Jackson Hole Wyoming made waves. The chosen piece for the judging was our newest Peacemaker Grill: the Yellowstone Cabinet Smoker (first image below). It received the “Sonny Tuttle Spirit Award.”

We had a great time participating at this event, and our cooking and the grills were incredibly well received. Sales and installations were made.

“The Sonny Tuttle Spirit Award of $1,000 went to Worden, Montana, artist Andrew Parent for his exquisite custom metal-designed Peacemaker Grill, which was cooking up steaks outside the entrance of the Western Design Conference.” —WDC

See the WCD Results at their website >

A sincere thank you to Allison Merritt, Executive Director of the WDC, and the rest of the Conference team in Jackson Hole.